Teacher and student working with clay


CID’s school children have the benefit of all of the non-academic subjects taught in general education schools plus field trips and special learning programs that vary from year to year.


Creativity and self-expression are important to a CID education. Children are given opportunities to express their artistic talents both in the classroom and in art class, offered in some semesters by certified instructors. The youngest children have art in the pre-k discovery room. Children 6 and older have art in a specially designed art room.


Children in CID’s toddler and pre-k classes experience music every day, listening, responding and dancing to music, experimenting with instruments and singing a variety of songs. Attention to beat, rhythm and rhyming with music helps them as they develop speech and language skills. Children in the CID primary school take part in music and movement classes.


Two- to 5-year-olds in our toddler and pre-k classes take part in lessons emphasizing body coordination and creative movement. Children 5 to 12 have physical education class 3-4 times a week using a curriculum designed for K-5. Activities include developmentally appropriate motor activities, physical games, learning a variety of sports and attention to sportsmanship.


CID offers an instructional tennis program for 6 weeks in the fall of each year. Volunteers teach the students volleying, serving and other tennis skills. The students enjoy learning and practicing their skills twice a week during afterschool tennis.

CID also offers before- and afterschool care to help working families whose children attend CID.