Private Education Affordable for all Children with Hearing Loss Who Qualify

For children who are deaf and hard of hearing accepted into the CID school, scholarship support and other financial aid typically is available. Thanks to generous private support, we turn no child with hearing loss away based on inability to pay.

Children birth to 3 years old in our Family Center are typically supported by Missouri First Steps and Illinois Child and Family Connections programs. Our parent counselors will guide you through the process of obtaining help. Families of older children (3-12) receive school district funding and/or tuition assistance made possible by generous donors to CID.

A number of school districts from a number of states contract with CID for an appropriate educational program for a child. CID assists families in accessing all available third-party resources. Real estate referrals and other assistance is available for families whose children are accepted into the CID school and who move from other locations.


Central Institute for the Deaf education and employment programs and policies are nondiscriminatory. CID gives full consideration to all school applicants without respect to child’s or family members’ gender, race, religion, color, sexual orientation or national origin.

Ongoing generous support from the community makes it possible for CID to turn no deaf or hard of hearing child away based on his or her family’s inability to pay. We’re here to help you. For details about available financial assistance, please contact our business manager, Amy Tighe 314.977.0234