As part of CID’s commitment to serve professionals who support children who are deaf or hard of hearing, we provide helpful, relevant resources for free. The files listed on this page are available to download any time. Simply locate your desired topic and access the files you need by providing your name and email.

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Auditory Development

Downloadable resources include:

  • Familiar sounds audiogram*
  • Ear diagram*
  • Auditory memory strategies
  • Ling six sounds
  • Hearing device checklists
  • Data collection sheets

*available in Spanish

EI and Preschool

Downloadable resources include:

  • Domains of knowledge
  • Quality Preschool Checklist
  • Guidelines for teaming
  • Tele-intervention strategies
  • IEP resources
  • Infant developmental rating form

School Aged

Downloadable resources include:

  • Creating IEP goals: 8 developmental areas
  • IEP SMART goals
  • IEP Accommodations
  • Vocabulary card template

Speech and Language

Downloadable resources include:

  • Vocabulary card template
  • Data collection sheets
  • Verbal and nonverbal prompts to stimulate talking
  • Conversation skills checklist
  • Content vocabulary assessment