Guided Observations


1. Observers and CID staff meet to discuss issues related to the request for observation and information.

2. Classroom observation with staff guidance. Explanation during observation includes:

  • lesson objectives
  • techniques and strategies used to teach/develop listening, language and speech skills
  • techniques and strategies used to weave listening, language and speech development throughout the day
  • analysis of teacher behaviors
  • analysis of child feedback

3. Participants meet with staff for discussion and question/answer.

Cost $125/hour (1–4 participants attend)


  • to provide an opportunity to learn the components of a complete program for a child who is deaf or hard of hearing and learning to use spoken language
  • to provide opportunities to observe listening and spoken language experts use best practices for listening, language and speech instruction
  • to provide detailed explanations of instruction while it occurs as well as follow-up discussions post-observation

Administrators, teachers, speech-language pathologists