Welcome to CID Online Courses for Group Viewing

CID offers group pricing for online courses (for individual viewing pricing, please click here).

Select the following courses below that you wish to purchase and share with your colleagues or the students in your college class. Immediately after purchase, the group organizer will receive a customer receipt for the entire order. The course may be accessed for 120 days from date of purchase. This group view purchase allows the group organizer a 120-day window to show the course to her members as a group, OR to distribute the voucher codes to the group members to view the course individually.  If you purchase multiple courses, the price will be discounted at checkout as follows.

$85 – one course

$153 – two courses

$229.50 – three courses

$306 – four courses

$382.50 – five courses

$459 – six courses

For detailed information on using group courses, please click here.

We hope you enjoy our online courses. And don’t forget, you can view Pediatric Audiology: The Basics for free at any time and earn CEUs!

For questions pertaining to online courses, please contact us at 314.977.0133 or professionaldevelopment@cid.edu