Thanks for visiting CID Professional Development’s group view page for online courses! CID group views are intended for groups of 16 or more professionals who require CEUs and/or a certificate of completion. If your group has fewer than 16 individuals or your large group does not need CEUs and/or certificates, we recommend they register for CID online courses as individuals by clicking here.

If you’re responsible for professional development in your school district or are a state outreach coordinator, group view pricing provides a wonderful value for obtaining CEUs and/or certificates of completion. There is a 10% discount when multiple group view courses are purchased at the same time. For example, the cost to educate 100 professionals who view three, 30-minute courses is approximately $8 per professional. Your group will receive expert information in a convenient format as well as the ASHA and/or LSLSL CEU credits they need along with a certificate of completion. Pricing is as follows:

1 course = $300
2 courses = $540
3 courses = $810
4 courses = $1,080
5 courses = $1,350
6 courses = $1,620

To get started, select the courses below that you wish to purchase for your group. Within one business day, you will receive a customer receipt for the entire order, voucher codes and further instructions to share with your group members. Your group members may watch the courses at their convenience. Following the course, they will be able to use the voucher codes provided by you to waive the CID processing fees for CEUs and/or certificates.

For more information about the process, please click here or contact us at 314.977.0133 or