As a member of the CID 1914 Society, you will join a special group of donors who make CID an annual priority. Each year, 1914 Society members contribute approximately $1 million to CID’s annual fund. Your generosity will help provide scholarships, curricula, audiology services and speech-language therapy to children with hearing loss. It will also support the development of professional resources for educators serving others throughout the world.

Your leadership through the CID 1914 Society has the power to change lives – empowering students to listen, talk, read, succeed and reach their full potential.

For more information, contact Ann Holmes at or 314.977.0159.

Q: Why is 1914 significant?

In 1914, Dr. Max Goldstein’s idea was to bring doctors and teachers together to work side by side for children with hearing loss. The marriage of science and education brought about amazing results. That year marked the beginning of CID – Central Institute for the Deaf and its legacy.

Q: What can I look forward to as a member of the CID 1914 Society?

Along with an invitation to an annual donor reception, you will be invited to a special luncheon with CID students and program staff, providing a firsthand opportunity to view how your generosity benefits CID.

Max Goldstein, MD

“My great-grandfather’s dream has made a difference in so many lives and I’ve chosen to be a part of his legacy for that reason. I’ve always taken extreme pride in what CID has gifted to children from around the world – a true gem in our own backyard. My gift to my great-grandfather is my ongoing commitment to so many who will continue to reap the benefits CID has to offer. I am honored to be a Founding Member of the CID 1914 Society.”

– Laurie Miller
CID Board of Directors, Life Member

Thank you! Your investment makes a difference in the lives of children with hearing loss learning to listen, talk, read and succeed.