CID reaches $25 million goal to accommodate expansion

Campaign co-chairs Laurie Haffenreffer and Eugene Toombs III announced the achievement of Central Institute for the Deaf’s $25 million goal for the Making Conversations Happen Centennial Campaign. From June 2012 through January of 2016 (flanking CID’s 100th anniversary in 2014), the St. Louis community raised $25,190,060 to support expansion of  CID’s work to educate children and professionals. Former CID board president and executive director Robert Clark and life board member Joanne Knight were the campaign’s honorary chairs. Additional CID board members served on the Centennial Campaign Cabinet.

CID executive director Robin Feder said the campaign gained a substantial boost from donors making key leadership gifts, including Virginia J. Browning, Joanne and Charles Knight, Anabeth and John Weil, Emerson and the Estate of Martha Jones. Three new centers were established: the Anabeth and John Weil Early Childhood Center, the Virginia J. Browning Primary School, and the Emerson Center for Professional Development.

“We’re so very grateful for all of the individuals, foundations and corporations committed to giving children opportunities to communicate they would not otherwise have,” Feder said. “Their contributions make an enormous difference in the lives of families and their children’s prospects for the future.”

Additional leadership gifts came from the William R. Orthwein, Jr. & Laura Rand Orthwein Foundation, the Crawford Taylor Foundation, Centene Corporation and the Guth Foundation, among many others, with 685 donors in all. “In addition, we had full board participation,” Feder said. “Donations from our CID board members account for more than $6.5 million of the total.”

CID teaches children who are deaf and hard of hearing listening, speech and spoken language. Over the past 11 years, CID’s school has accommodated a 174 percent growth in children served—up 17 percent from 2014 to 2015 alone. The school served a total of 225 children last year. The campaign will accommodate the expanded school population and will build on CID’s important work to prepare teachers, speech-language pathologists, early intervention providers and other professionals to help more children effectively acquire these skills. Supported by the campaign, recent renovations include four new classrooms, four new speech-language therapy pullout rooms, two new audiology suites, classroom renovations, expanded family space, and a new Emerson Center for Professional Development wing.

“CID has an international reputation for providing tools and techniques for teachers, speech-language pathologists and other professionals,” Emerson Center coordinator Ann Holmes said. “Support from this campaign will enable us to take advantage of today’s communication and marketing tools, as we continue to explore the most promising models for service delivery. Our goal is to create unprecedented access to CID expertise.” In recent years, CID has developed online courses, revised classic curricula, held state- and university-sponsored workshops and created niche educational tools based on current needs in the field.

Most funds raised by the CID Centennial Campaign are earmarked for endowment. Most of the 13 newly established endowed funds are for school scholarships. “The generosity of the St. Louis community continues to make it possible for us to accept students with hearing loss regardless of their family’s financial situation,” Feder said.

Making Conversations Happen: Celebrating 100 years: Central Institute for the Deaf
Young deaf child giving a speech with his proud mom looking on

CID student Rogan Geppert and his mom spoke at a campaign wrap-up party in January.

Robin Feder, Gene Toombs and Laurie Haffenreffer

CID executive director Robin Feder with campaign chairs Eugene Toombs III and Laurie Haffenreffer

CID Speech Bubble Examples

In appreciation of generous gifts of $250 or more to the CID Making Conversations Happen Centennial Campaign, donors at this level had the opportunity to be recognized with a custom speech bubble to be displayed at CID.  Production of the speech bubbles is currently underway and installation on the wall next to the library will soon be complete.


We gratefully acknowledge those who made pacesetting gifts of $500 or more to the Centennial Campaign.

*in memoriam


Mr.* & Mrs. Laurance L. Browning, Jr.
Estate of Martha E. Jones
Joanne & Chuck Knight
Anabeth & John Weil


Ann & Paul Arenberg Family
Estate of Suzanne Sumner
Centene Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Julien H. Collins, Jr.
Jerry Cox
The Crawford Taylor Foundation
Dana Brown Charitable Trust
The Guth Foundation
William R. Orthwein, Jr. & Laura Rand Orthwein Foundation, Inc.


Ameren Corporation 
Charitable Trust
Carl D. Bohl
C. Baker Cunningham
Edward Jones
Leslie H. (Grigg) Garvin
Harry Edison Foundation
Mike & Laura Herring
Interco Charitable Trust
Arvalla E. Jaycox Trust
Florence E. Jaycox Trust
Ned & Sally Lemkemeier
Laurie W. Miller
Pershing Charitable Trust
Dr. & Mrs. James W. Seeser
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Toombs


Richard A. Baker Foundation
Dr. Kathryn D. Cramer*
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Esch
Michael H. Freund
Laurie & John Haffenreffer
William H. Jordan, Jr. ’56
Ralph W. Kalish, Jr.* & Eleanor L. Withers
Mary Ranken & Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Foundation
Steve & Parker McMillan
Dave & Carol Schepers
S.M. Wilson & Co.
Spoehrer Family Charitable Trust
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Snowden, Jr.


Anonymous (2)
Mrs. Phyllis Britt
Robert G. Clark Family
Robert A. Emnett Trust
Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation
Graybar Foundation
Jana C. & Kevin J. Hunt
Estate of Judy Alexander-Weber
Mr. William J. Koman, Jr.
Kerrin & David Kowach
Terry & Karen Leebolt
Mrs. William B. McMillan, Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mendelson
Mrs. Faye Beth O’Byrne*
Jack & Rachel Oliver
Purk & Associates, P.C.
The Schmidt & Barton Family Fund
Scottrade, Inc.
W. Bruce Springer & Dr. Patricia A. West


Anonymous (2)
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sheldon Childress
Mr. & Mrs. C. Victor Coates
Commerce Bancshares Foundation
Ann & Doc Cornwell
Liz & Chris Dorr
Episcopal Presbyterian Health Trust
Robin & Gary Feder
Husch Blackwell LLP
Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation
Tom & Patti Jayne
Toby Katz
Andrea & Craig LaBarge
Kevin & Alice Lasater
Carol L. Littmann Trust
John Allan Love Charitable Foundation
Mackey Mitchell Architects
Lisa D. & Robert W. McLaughlin
Edwin B. Meissner, Jr.
MiTek Industries
Nike IHM, Inc.
Denny & Michelle Reagan
Michael D. Rubin & Associates
The Saigh Foundation
Ms. Janet S. Scheeline and Mr. Billy G. Spickard
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Scott, III
Norman J. Stupp Foundation – Commerce Bank Trustee
Victor & Selene DeLiniere Charitable Foundation
Herbert & Adrian Woods Foundation


Anonymous (2)
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore M. Armstrong
Mariquita Barbieri
Vivian & Joseph Carrico
CID Alumni Association
Mark & Christy Cochran
Concrete Strategies LLC
Charles W. Frees & Jean H. 
Frees Foundation
Mr. Louis S. Goltermann, Jr.
E. Reuben & Gladys Flora Grant 
Charitable Trust
Ms. Robin Hattori & Mr. Michael Kimzey
Mrs. Florence W. Hawes
Antonnette M. Jackson
The Jackes Foundation
Karen S. Kalish
Mrs. Ann J. Key
Steve & Nancy Kidwell
James & Tina Klocke
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Kranzberg
Scott & Karen Monette
Chuck & Jean Naslund
Mr. Christopher Nitzsche & Ms. Caroline Springer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Nix, Jr.
Mr. Roy Pfautch
Herman T. & Phenie R. Pott Foundation
Theresa & Scott Secrest
William Bixby Sheldon ’54 & 
Kathryne McGuigan Sheldon* ’59
Jeff Tucker
Mark & Jane Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. James von der Heydt
Webb Foundation


Anonymous (4)
AAA Missouri
Frank Adam Foundation
Armstrong Teasdale LLP
Norman D. & Marie L. Atkins 
Charitable Trust
Kathy & Joe Beilein
Ray & Debbie Bentele
Amy & Bryan Buehler
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Chole
Ms. Lucy Christman
CID Parents Organization
Mr. Dick Coates
Cochlear Americas
Jennifer Esch
Leanna & Jeff Fenneberg
Mark D. Fordyce
Fox Family Foundation
Jan & John Frank, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Gebhard
Dr. Benjamin & Linda Goldstein
Golterman & Sabo Inc.
The Allan & Nan Kalish Goodman Family
Hager Companies
Mr. Garrick R. Hamilton
Melinda L. Hayden
Bob & Signa Hermann
Carrie & Dale Hermeling
Alexander W. Herrey
Akira Honda
Mr. & Mrs. William F. James
Carrie & Jeff Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Johnson, III
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Kistner
The Jerome M. Kobacker Foundation
Paul & Elke Koch
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Lanfer
MB Technology Solutions
Mr.* & Mrs. Albert Melman
Dr. Mark Melman
Metro Materials
Moneta Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Reuben M. Morriss, III
Brandon & Jennifer Neuschafer
Oaktree Products
Tracy & Adam Pursifull
Michael & Jada Reese
Regional Business Council
Ivette & Andrew Rothschild
Dr. Alexander Scheeline & 
Ms. Alice Berkson
Brad Schott
Dr. Jay E. Selman & Mrs. Patricia Kopec Selman
Sidener Foundation
Rebecca & Eric Stisser
Stupp Brothers Bridge & Iron Company Foundation
Mrs. Marcia Tash
The Cramer Institute, LLC
The St. Louis Trust Company
Patrick & Amy Tighe
U.S. Bank
Mrs. Alfred H. Vorhaus
Theresa & Bill Watson
Patricia F. Welter
Steve & Kerri Williamson


W. Eliot & Linda Benoist
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Burkhardt
Cady Family Foundation
Katherine & Charles Claggett
Tom & Jennifer Collins
Robert Crumpton
Joyce Dear
Mr. John R. Drew
Carolyn & Kevin Farrell
Mary & John Gunther
Stephen H. Lewis
Noël & Jim Mangano
Thomas & Becky Minogue
Elin, Tony & Anthony Nozewski
Ms. Mary Russo & Mr. Robert Hartzog*
Barbara B. Singleton
Paul & Sally Taylor
Mr. Samir A. Tayob
James B. Weinstein


We gratefully acknowledge the following Legacy Society members who have included CID in their estate plans.

Anonymous (6)
Mariquita L. Barbieri
Carl D. Bohl
Virginia J. Browning
Ms. Lucy Christman
Jerry Cox
C. Baker Cunningham
Michael H. Freund
Leslie H. (Grigg) Garvin
Tom & Patti Jayne
Toby Katz

Mrs. Warren G. Keinath, Jr.
Lisa D. McLaughlin
Edwin B. Meissner, Jr.
Ms. Laurie W. Miller
Mrs. Barbara Morriss
James W. Seeser
Mr. William Bixby Sheldon ’54
Mrs. Arline R. Simerman
Mrs. Marcia Tash
Jeff Tucker
Mr. John D. Weil
Andrew & Katie Westerfeld


Honorary Co-Chairs

Robert G. Clark
Joanne P. Knight


Laurie Haffenreffer
Eugene M. Toombs, III

Mariquita Barbieri
Frank S. Childress
Jerome R. Cox, Jr.
Kathy Cramer*
Robert Crumpton
C. Baker Cunningham
Louis S. Goltermann, Jr.
Carrie L. Johnson
Ralph W. Kalish, Jr.*

Kerrin M. Kowach
Karen Leebolt
Ned O. Lemkemeier
Lisa D. McLaughlin
Steve McMillan
Scott D. Monette
Elin C. Nozewski
Rachel H. Oliver
Dennis M. Reagan

David J. Schepers
Hugh Scott, III
James W. Seeser
James M. Snowden, Jr.
Samir A. Tayob
Anabeth Weil
John D. Weil

*in memoriam