Mr. David J. Schepers

Immediate Past President
Mrs. Carrie L. Johnson (P)

Vice Presidents
Ms. Mariquita L. Barbieri
Mr. Frank S. Childress
Mrs. Laurie Haffenreffer
Mrs. Joanne P. Knight (L)
Mr. Ned O. Lemkemeier (L, P)
Mr. William B. Sheldon (L)
Mr. James M. Snowden, Jr. (L)
Mr. W. Bruce Springer (L)
Mr. Jeffrey R. Tucker

Mr. Dennis M. Reagan

Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Garrick R. Hamilton

Ms. Laurie W. Miller (L)

Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Amy R. Tighe (nonvoting)

Executive Director and Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Robin M. Feder (nonvoting)

Dr. Claudio F. Abreu
Mr. John R. Arenberg
Mr. Theodore M. Armstrong (L, P)
Mrs. Kathy A. Beilein
Ms. Barbara H. Boyle
Mrs. Virginia J. Browning (L)
Dr. Craig A. Buchman (H)
Mrs. Tiffany D. Charles
Mr. Robert G. Clark (P)
Mr. Mark S. Cochran
Dr. Jerome R. Cox, Jr. (L)
Mr. Robert Crumpton
Mr. C. Baker Cunningham (P)
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Dorr
Mr. Benjamin F. Edwards, IV
Ms. Missy Fish
Mrs. Linda L. Goldstein
Mr. Louis S. Goltermann, Jr.
Mrs. Jane-Ellis Griggs
Ms. Robin A. Hattori
Mrs. Florence W. Hawes (L)
Mr. Michael J. Higginbotham
Dr. Thomas P. Horejes, IV (H)
Ms. Antonnette M. Jackson
Mrs. Tina L. Klocke
Mrs. Jennifer E. Koster
Mrs. Kerrin M. Kowach
Dr. Richard S. Kurz
Mr. Nicholas M. Lampi
Mr. Michael D. Laycob
Mrs. Karen S. Leebolt
Mrs. Noël H. Mangano
Mrs. Lisa D. McLaughlin

Mr. Stephen W. McMillan
Mr. Edwin B. Meissner, Jr. (L, P)
Mr. Scott D. Monette (P)
Mr. Brandon W. Neuschafer
Mr. Jared E. Neville
Mrs. Elin C. Nozewski
Mrs. Rachel H. Oliver
Dr. Gwendolyn D. Packnett
Ms. Jennah R. Purk-Hall
Mrs. Carolyn P. Rayner
Mrs. Shelby A. Reneski
Mr. Hugh Scott, III (L, P)
Dr. James W. Seeser
Mr. Daniel J. Sherman
Mr. Eric M. Stisser
Mr. Samir A. Tayob
Mrs. Lisa S. Van Amburg
Mrs. Anabeth Weil
Mr. John D. Weil (L)
Mr. Scott J. Wilson

CID Alumni Representative
Mr. Craig R. Aslin

CID Parent Representative
Mrs. Patrice Howard

CID Staff Representative
Mrs. Brigid B. Barringhaus

(H) Honorary Member
(L) Life Member
(P) Past President

Mr. David Schepers

In December 2018, the CID board of directors named a new president, Mr. David J. Schepers. Mr. Schepers is the retired vice president of energy delivery technical services for Ameren in St. Louis, Missouri.


Robin M. Feder

In October 2003, the board of directors named Robin M. Feder, MS, CFRE executive director of CID – Central Institute for the Deaf. From 1987 to 2003, she was CID’s top development officer. Initially, she was trained in the CID professional education program as a teacher of the deaf. She received her undergraduate degree in 1972 from Washington University in St. Louis and her master’s degree in deaf education in 1975 from Washington University/CID. She taught at CID for 12 years — in the school, in language development classes and in the parent-infant program — before she was asked to establish a development and public relations office at CID. Under Ms. Feder’s leadership, school enrollment doubled from 2003 to 2013. ‘

Ms. Feder helped initiate and design CID’s annual signature fundraising Ultimate Picnic gala, now called CID OUT LOUD! This event has raised more than $5.3 million to benefit the school children at CID. She coordinated the CID capital campaign completed in 2002 and the CID centennial campaign in 2014. Together, these campaigns raised over $56 million for the mission.

Since 1995, Ms. Feder has been a mentor to underprivileged children, beginning in the Mentor St. Louis program. She is a member of the National Association of Fundraising Professionals and earned her professional certification in 2000. In 2019, she earned a Business Management for Nonprofit Leaders certificate from Washington University in St. Louis Olin Business School in partnership with the United Way of Greater St. Louis, the Brown School of Social Work, the Social Venture Partners of the Regional Business Council and Citi. In 2017, she received a Ladue High School Local Hero Award.

Ms. Feder is CID’s first female executive director. Her mother, Joy Melman, was a teacher at CID.

portrait of CID executive director Robin Feder