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Organizational Values

CID’s value statements help to define our culture. They inform our interactions with one another and with the children, families and professionals we serve. Our five core values are:


We value innovation that contributes to student achievement and the advancement of our field. We achieve this through ongoing evaluation of self, program and organization. This reflective innovation is fueled by experience, intuition, creative thinking and evidenced-based best practices.


We value sharing and collaborating within and across departments and with families, community, universities and professionals who can help children who are deaf or hard of hearing achieve their fullest potential. We further recognize that both formal and informal communication between CID administration and staff — from the top down and the bottom up — are paramount to CID’s success as an organization.


Every child, family, employee and professional’s voice is heard and respected at CID. We value kindness, fairness, tradition, diversity, manners and the needs of individuals, including the need for home and work balance.


CID is dedicated to educating the whole child by adapting services to meet the individual needs of each child and family. We are committed to providing these services attentively and selflessly while remaining true to our mission.


All members of the CID family demand excellence from themselves, co-workers, students, families and the professionals we serve. We are committed to being a professional learning community and therefore a leader in the field. We achieve this through personal and professional accountability, honesty, continual self improvement/education and all the values stated above.