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Toddler Class

Some of the children in our program receive small group and individual instruction in our toddler class. Parents and family members may observe any time. The teachers, individual therapists and parent educators collaborate with the families to encourage practice and carryover of language and learning to the children’s natural environment at home.

A typical CID toddler class is full of fun things to do and learn and sing and dance and play. Our skilled and patient teachers work to develop the children’s listening and language skills in every situation during the day.

A Typical Day

Device Check & Cognitive Play
The teachers greet the students and encourage them to hang up their jackets and backpacks. While the children do puzzles and matching or sorting activities, the teachers check their listening devices.

Opening Circle Time
Circle time begins with a song to welcome each child to class. They learn to listen for their names. They also learn their friends’ names. The teachers lead them in theme-related songs and finger plays. Children learn to listen to the rich, melodic aspects of speech and language through music and song. Even children with little spoken language enjoy participating in favorites like “Old MacDonald” and “The Wheels on the Bus.”

Guided Developmental Play
Children learn best through play. The children play and engage in theme-related activities. The teachers incorporate targeted vocabulary and language along with the language of play, for example: “My turn. I want the ball. Uh-oh, the car is stuck! Ssshh. Night, night, Baby!” Play themes relate to a 2-year-old’s real life experiences, such as “home and family,” “fall” or “pets.”

During snack time, the teachers encourage the children to use functional language, for example: “I want some juice. More, please.”

Story Time
The teachers bring stories to life with props and toys to foster the love of books! The stories reinforce concepts, vocabulary and language related to the theme. The teachers’ excitement for reading is contagious.

Music & Movement
CID’s gym teacher leads the children in games, songs and turn-taking while practicing balance, kicking, running, jumping, swinging and more.

Closing Circle
The children sing songs and say goodbye to their friends.