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Onsite Services

Having professional support services on the premises can be transformational for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. CID’s skilled pediatric audiologists, speech-language pathologists, an occupational therapist and a school counselor work with our teachers to ensure each child maintains the best possible learning situation. Our Building Language Together program supports caregivers who wish to receive guidance about fostering a child’s progress after school.

Before and after school care make it easier on parents with busy schedules while offering their children a safe place to play, do projects and engage with their friends. Extracurricular activities have included tennis, pickle ball, ukulele and dance.

CID summer programs help keep children learning, socializing and having fun.

Pediatric Audiology

At the Martha E. Jones Pediatric Audiology Center, doctoral level audiologists regularly evaluate the CID school children for changes in their hearing. Earmolds are made, devices are programmed, repairs are completed and appropriate loaner devices are issued as needed to ensure no child goes without access to sound during the school day.

Speech-Language Pathology

CID’s specially trained pediatric speech-language pathologists work regularly with each student to assess and target specific areas that need attention. Practice takes place both at one-on-one sessions and when the child returns to the classroom. Collaborative discussions with the student’s audiologists and teachers result in the best course of action to keep every child on a path to success.

Occupational Therapy

As needed, CID’s onsite pediatric occupational therapist helps our teachers create the optimal physical and emotional conditions for each child to gain the most from our educational programs. Pediatric occupational therapy support helps children develop and strengthen the fine motor, sensory-motor and visual-motor skills they need to function independently in the classroom and the world.

Student Counseling

Each student spends at least 15 minutes a week with our experienced, master’s level school counselor, Pat Wasserman, with whom they can talk about anything. Pat, who is also deaf, understands their struggles and concerns. She is skilled at guiding children through emotionally challenging situations they may experience at home or in the classroom.

Once a week, the CID primary school students attend Pat’s half-hour Health and Growth class, where they learn important socialization, self-advocacy and independent life skills.

Before & After Care

CID’s before and after care options are designed to accommodate both the busy schedules of families and the needs of their children. The program provides a safe and supervised space for students to relax or study before school starts at 7:30am. After school, they may also participate in supervised afternoon activities on-site with friends as late as 6pm.

Summer Programs

CID offers a four-week extended school year option for students plus several week-long, themed summer enrichment camps for 6- to 15-year-old general education students who are deaf and hard of hearing (and a limited number of their siblings).

We offer full scholarships to children who are deaf and hard of hearing who are eligible to attend one or more of our fun and educational summer sessions.

Family Support

CID families have a true friend in our understanding family support specialist, who offers individual consultations for parents and caregivers, useful resources and regular opportunities for education, connection, community and fun.

Our Building Language Together caregiver coaching program is a smart and convenient choice for families who wish to continue to support their child’s development of listening, spoken language and social skills at home.

Our CID school counselor is available to meet with family members by appointment.