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Tuition is free. Parents don’t spend a penny for their child to attend CID. Generous annual support from the community combined with state early intervention agency and school district funding, as appropriate, make it possible for the CID school to accept all eligible school candidates so parents are free to focus on the possibilities, not the costs.

How long would my child attend CID?
Every child develops skills at his or her own rate. Our goal is to help children return to or begin at their local schools (also known as mainstreaming) as soon as possible. For some children, a good time to mainstream is when their language level is equal to that of peers with whom they will work in the same classroom. For older children, we also look at reading skills. We prefer their reading skills be at the same level as those of their classmates. We work closely with families to ensure they know our recommendations and that any placement is a team decision. If needed, support is available for children when they enter the public school system.