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For best outcome, a child should wear his or her hearing device/s during all waking hours. Research shows that at least 10 hours a day is best. Each morning, check your child’s audibility by doing a Ling sound check with each device separately — and then together.

Create a friendly listening space for your child.

  • Keep background noise (ex: TV, radio) to a minimum. Turn it down so your child can hear the most important thing: You!
  • The best acoustics are in small, quiet rooms with no distractions. This is especially important to remember during teletherapy or virtual learning sessions.
  • Watch free videos (at this link, under Pediatric Audiology) to help you better understand pediatric hearing testing and learn how to troubleshoot device/s. As appropriate, share these with your child’s other caregivers to help them become comfortable with hearing devices.
  • Remember that an expert CID pediatric audiologist is just an e-mail or phone call (314.977.0104) away.