December, 2016

Trivia Night January 21st, A New CID App, A New Book: The Child First: The First 100 Years of CID and much, much more!

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Today, CID primary and kindergarten students prepared our annual Thanksgiving feast. They chose the food. Then they worked in groups to create a grocery list, cook, make decorations and set the lunch room tables. They invited staff from around the school to share. The meal was delicious. We're very thankful for this traditional CID Thanksgiving meal!

Several primary students also participated in plays about Thanksgiving today. Some classes performed the first Thanksgiving story about how the native people helped the pilgrims grow food. Then they celebrated the first harvest together.

Another class performed a silly Thanksgiving story. In this play, the turkey was not eaten. He played games with the family!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Before the cooking and family time starts later this week, try watching one of our CID online courses for FREE. Over the course of a lunch break, you can boost your knowledge on topics that support the development of children with hearing loss.

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In case you missed it, here's the story of Mack, a CID graduate who attends his neighborhood school. ...

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