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Welcome to the Martha E. Jones Pediatric Audiology Center


CID’s experienced, doctoral level audiologists are digital hearing aid and cochlear implant specialists. They serve children from birth through age 18, including CID students and alumni, in facilities specially equipped for pediatric hearing testing and precise device fitting.

Our audiology labs are just steps from our school classrooms. In addition to regular hearing testing and device programming, we offer earmold fitting, technical troubleshooting and repair and a loaner program.

Children with hearing loss can learn to listen and talk.

It all starts with access to sound.


The CDC recommends newborn hearing screening by 1 month, diagnostic tests by 3 months and intervention by 6 months.

Meet the Team

Nicole Moore

Nicole Moore

Audiology Extern

“Easy access to individualized care, loaner devices and familiar faces make all the difference. We are so thankful for our CID audiologists.”

“When my son has a question about his hearing aids, he walks across the hall to see the audiologist.”


“It’s wonderful not to have to take off work for appointments.”

CID students’ hearing aids are tested to ensure they provide access to the sounds of speech so important to learning.

CID children’s hearing aids typically perform above the national average range on the Speech Intelligibility Index (SII), a standardized tool that provides an estimate of the amount of speech available to a listener. The SII weighs how much speech energy is audible in quiet, emphasizing the mid-frequencies important to speech.


Understanding the needs of a student with hearing loss starts with a basic knowledge of what he can and can’t hear.

This half-hour course is a stand-alone audiology primer, essential for parents, teachers, pediatric speech-language pathologists and others who work on the educational team of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. Our CID audiologist covers how the ear works, how to read an audiogram, the kinds of testing used to measure hearing levels with children at different ages, hearing devices and more.

CID’s onsite professional services also include one-on-one speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, a dedicated family support specialist and a school counselor who is deaf.