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Speech-Language Pathology

Individualized Support

CID speech-language pathologists (SLPs) serve students in the toddler class, early childhood center and primary school. Daily individualized intervention includes focused practice of a student’s speech and listening goals in meaningful contexts. Ongoing assessment and collaboration among the student’s team ensures that the most appropriate goals are targeted and carried over across settings. As important members of each student’s team of caregivers, teachers, audiologists and other professionals, our SLPs contribute knowledge of typical speech and language development, the effects of hearing loss on communicative development and related areas such as voice, resonance, fluency and articulation/phonology.

Our highly trained SLPs conduct annual comprehensive speech and language evaluations with all students. Evaluations include standardized assessments of receptive and expressive vocabulary, language and articulation, as well as spontaneous speech and language samples. Results provide measures of each student’s skills in relation to typically-hearing peers as well as measures of growth over time. SLPs meet with each student’s team to discuss testing results.

Meet the Team

Abbie Wells

Abbie Wells


Speech-Language Pathologist